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Saturday 10th December 2022 ko 15:00

Combined Counties League- Premier Division North

ASCOT UNITED 2 (Matthew 32p A Grant 74)

Bouwers sent off 27 (dangerous play)


Att 161

Entry £7

Programme online only 

In my groundhopping life I’m used to having a backup plan. In simple terms it means having an alternate game to go and watch if something happens at my intended destination. I’m far less used however, to having to find another game when I’m on season ticket duty at Oxford United. That said, I did have notice, the frost was bitter and the game was called off early. All I had to do was pick an interesting ground to show my wife Robyn. Continue reading



Tuesday 6th December 2022 ko 19:45

Spartan South Midlands League Division One Cup Quarter Final

MOULTON 3 (Evans 32p 46 Ansu 87)


Parsons sent off (violent conduct) 52

Att 92

Entry £5

Programme £2

It is a fact of life that whenever either a new ground opens, or a club is promoted to Step 6, the groundhoppers will make a beeline for it. Part of it is something of a mystery to me, surely the grounds to target are the ones that are facing demolition? The other part of it affects those of us who ticked off everything with a set of floodlights within a reasonable distance from home. From my perspective, at the start of the season I suddenly had the likes, of Eaton Socon, Moulton and Fleetlands, all within a couple of hours from home. Issues over Fleetlands’ floodlights have delayed my visit, and you can take it as read I won’t be visiting on a Saturday.  Continue reading

The Payoff


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Monday 5th December 2022 20:00 (ish!)

Somali British Champions League- Group A

HILLTOP 2 (Yislam 14 A Mohamed 64p)

O.I.R. FC 0

Att 126 at Ark Elvin Academy, Cecil Avenue, Wembley

Free Entry

Programme £3

I tend to have two pieces of advice on the odd occasion I get for groundhopping tips. One is to go “weird” early and the other is to never rule anything out until you’ve tried it. Of course the fact that I’m now at a point where finding a floodlit tick within a 2 hour drive from Oxford midweek does tend to force creativity on you! Continue reading



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Saturday 26th November 2022 ko 15:00

Isthmian League Premier Division

HASTINGS UNITED 3 (Pope 9 McKenzie 13 Scott 72)


Att 652

Entry £12

Programme £2.50

There are football grounds that do what they need to, there are some that I’d recommend you visit, but the list of football grounds I recommend you drop everything and go and see is extremely small, but top of that list is the Pilot Field. And a small part of the reason why, is that is in a fashion you get another ground thrown in too! Continue reading



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Tuesday 22nd November 2022 ko 19:45

Herefordshire Senior Challenge Cup 2nd Round

HINTON 2 (Nicholls 24 Burley 63og)

WELLINGTON RANGERS 4 (Andrews 6 Mann 28 Woodcock 42 Nunn 45)

Mann missed penalty 45

Att c30

Free Entry

Any hopper might find it useful to look out for this competition on Full Time. The Herefordshire League’s comparative isolation is also its strength and there are clubs with excellent facilities playing at Step 7 when if they were a little more centrally placed you wonder if they’d be playing higher up the pyramid. Travelling costs for the likes of the Hellenic League must be substantial here. Continue reading



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Tuesday 15th November 2022 ko 19:45

National League South


HAVANT & WATERLOOVILLE 3 (Faal 12 Roberts 22 28p)

Att 503

Entry £14

Programme £3

It is a fact of life that in your 50’s you tend to go to more funerals than weddings. I find saying goodbye to someone who’s led a long and happy life a bearable, and sometimes cathartic process, but when it involves a life cut short well, that’s a different matter entirely. Robyn and I had spent the day attending such a funeral in Bristol and we ended up in Chippenham in no small part wanting to clear our minds of the day’s sorrow. Continue reading



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Tuesday 8th November 2022 ko 19:45

London Senior Trophy 1st Round

WIMBLEDON CASUALS 6 (Wren 10 Marshall 55 90 Lane 61 67 Parsons 90)


Att c20 at Stepney Green Asto

Free Entry

Sometimes you stumble across a game that seems so far removed from your normal experience that you simply feel compelled to give it a go. For one thing having only a shade over two hours to get from Oxford to East London after work made driving out of the question and that was without thinking about Congestion charges, ULEZ charges and the like. I knew of the ground, some British Somali Champions League games get played there, but the time and location I thought would make me arriving there in time impossible, but then I had a brainwave. Continue reading



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Saturday 5th November 2022 ko 14:00

North Berkshire League Division One


STEVENTON 4 (D Burgess 27 33 McKenzie 80 Craft 90)

Att c10

Free Entry

Over the years since the last North Berkshire Hop I’ve made the effort to visit the clubs that for one reason or another the event didn’t get to visit. There was Cholsey whose ground wasn’t in use, and Grove, on their normal ground, but the game proved to be their last. With Frilsham & Yattendon, the reason for the hop not visiting, was that they weren’t in the league. That’s a source of regret to me, as what a wonderful ground it is.  Continue reading



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Tuesday 25th October 2022 ko 19:45

Sussex R.U.R. Cup First Round


BROADBRIDGE HEATH 5 (Croal 27 59 Parminter 47 Carvalho 88 Barbary 90)

Att c50

Entry £8

Programme £2

It’s in the makeup of any groundhopper to collect. For some it’s programmes, badges and the like. Others like completing leagues, but I like completing clubs with something in common. Here I found myself thinking back to Wick Academy, Hackney Wick, Eton Wick and the other Wick FC who hail from Bristol’s suburbs. Oddly enough given Bristol is Robyn’s home town, the only Wick that’s now left for me to visit is the Gloucestershire County League outfit! Continue reading



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Tuesday 18th October 2022 ko 19:45

Combined Counties League Premier Division North

WINDSOR 2 (Mirtahmasabi 24og Debayo 80)

Appleton sent off 90 (DOGSO)

EGHAM TOWN 4 (Campion 20 48 64 Lopes 90)

Att 122

Entry £7.50

Programme FREE

I’m fairly certain this year’s Royal Funeral is what triggered this revisit to Stag Meadow. The committal was after all, in Windsor Castle and on the trip south from the M4 you do see the signage for the oh-so familiar sites such as the Great Park, and the Long Walk. Of course the football club are the Royalists, not least because they’ve had the likes of George V, George VI, and Philip Duke of Edinburgh as patrons. Continue reading