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Tuesday 3rd April 2023 ko 18:30

Spartan South Midlands League Division Two


SARRATT 2 (Ormsby 31 Vercesi 77)

Att 48

Free Entry

I know I’ve said it before but when it comes to groundhopping unlike the majority, I’m not target driven. Many will concentrate on a league or level, but I tend to see a set of fixtures a week or two in advance and either I get an invite, or someone suggests somewhere, or I just go where my nose takes me.

So maybe then, you’ll understand then why I didn’t realise I’d completed the Spartan South Midlands League until I’d returned home after the game. Now I’m sure part of it was that I’d passed by Markyate who I’d seen play in the league, but also Flamstead who sadly folded before I’d had the chance to visit.

But if I had to finish off the league anywhere, why not Caddington? It is after all a thoroughly pleasant village in Bedfordshire, and the Sports and Social Club, a mighty well-appointed facility. But what anyone watching a game here though will remember though is that the ground lies right on the flight path of Luton Airport, and yes I do wonder how I’ve failed to spot the ground when one of many planes I’ve sat in has come into land here. 

And from Terra Firma the photographer does have an almost endless supply of aircraft to fit into shot, and on a cold, early Spring evening, a sunset too. Those two things aren’t easy bedfellows; I hope I’ve managed to do the place justice. 

The game always held the attention, and at times got a little feisty. What it was, was cold, with a biting wind at once Sarratt can come from behind to complete a deserved victory the cornucopia of groundhoppers scuttled off to their cars quickly in the encroaching gloom. I was as fast as anyone, completing a league is one thing, but the cold is another entirely!