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Tuesday 25th August 2015 ko 18.30

Hertfordshire Senior County League Premier Division

SARRATT 2 (Shanahan 35 90)


Att 14

Entry FREE

Programme FREE

Tea in a mug 50p

Normally I take the view that you, dear reader knows precisely where all these towns and villages I visit are. But since I had to look up where Sarratt is, I’ll save you the effort.

It’s around 4 miles north of Rickmansworth, and its combination of chocolate box looks, and its close proximity to the M25 and Heathrow airport makes it a highly desirable area of real estate in London’s commuter belt. The village, in no coincidence was used to film the TV adaptations of Richmal Crompton’s “Just William” novels in 1994.

None of which normally adds up to an interesting football club, the game seems to thrive in working-class areas best but my eyebrow raised a millimetre as I parked up in the King George Playing Field. It’s the classic “shared with cricket” ground, but you’ll be hard pushed to find better cooperation.

The ground is railed on 2 sides, but the clever bit is the pavilion. Its big enough to be used as a crèche during the day, but there’s plenty of room for the tea bar, and the roof overhangs its entire length, giving plenty of shelter should the patrons need it.

Don’t get too hung up though on the programme being available, it is mandatory to produce one in the top division of this league, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll happen. If such things are the be-all and end-all for you, best check with the club before travelling.

The game was a real curate’s egg. On one hand the surface was good, and the game exciting, but at times neither side were capable of maintaining possession for more than a few seconds. It slowed down a little when Mark Shanahan scored the opening goal, but after half-time Abbotts Langley-based Evergreen applied the pressure.

Time after time they attacked, and a mixture of good defence and poor shooting maintained the hosts’ lead. The clock ticked down, the light failed, and Sarratt threw the sucker punch. Overcommitted in attack, Evergreen were unable to defend a through ball to Shanahan and his expert finish deserved both a larger crowd and better light.