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Saturday 18th March 2023 ko 14:00

East of Scotland League Premier Division


DUNDONALD BLUEBELL 3 (Hall 11 Cameron 32 Lumsden 86)

Lumsden sent off 90 (violent conduct)

Att 462

Entry £7

Programme £2

Can I admit to have being a little twitchy about the hop game at Haddington? I knew that the ground was going to be tucked away, and so getting people in and out on a 4-games-in-a-day schedule might be an issue. For no reason whatsoever I’d looked at my programme the night before, and it was an excellent publication. I’m not sure why I felt comforted, a car with a failing clutch, and wife Robyn struggling after her fall at Tynecastle was more than enough reason to worry after all. It was a case of judging a book by its cover, or more accurately a club by its magazine.

My hunch was though, entirely accurate. We seemed to circle Millfield before being expertly parked beyond the near goal, and being shepherded in via the pre-paid gate. It worked like clockwork, which given the huge size of the crowd must reflect well on the Hi-Hi’s volunteers. In fac the biggest queue was for the pie hut, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to have heard about the pie’s reputation here. My steak pie was superb, the best of the weekend, and well worth the wait.

It set the tone, or is that taste, for our stay here. I saw a little more than some, just chatting with both club’s officials in the hospitality room at half time. It’s that wonderful combination of enjoying the moment, and pride in where you’re from and what you’ve created. I just sat back, observed, and enjoyed the moment.

Of course that doesn’t mean that a friendly, welcoming club will win the game, and this was hop notable for the volume of away wins. Dundonald Bluebell looked a good side when we’d seen them last year and deserved their victory even if it did come at the expense of Regan Lumsden sent off in stoppage time for violent conduct. Mind you, dismissals were another running theme on this weekend.