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Monday 21st September 2020 ko 19.45

Midland League Division 3

W L V SPORT 1 (Clifton 8p)

ENVILLE ATHLETIC 4 (Rich 5 18 Constable 52 Martin 81)

Att 28

Free Entry

So, once you understand that WLV Sport is the banner for all sports by the University of Wolverhampton you’ll assume this ground is in Wolverhampton. And you like me would have assumed incorrectly, WLV Sport is based at the institution’s campus in Walsall at the “Performance Hub.”

In fact the campus is only around a mile from Walsall FC’s Bescot Stadium, and here’s a little tip, if you want to watch a game here aim for postcode WS1 3EZ on the Broadway. That’ll get you to the main entrance, the published addresses tend to bring you out at Gorway Road, at the back of the campus by Walsall cricket club.

But if multi-sport is what you like the campus is adjacent to Walsall Rugby Club. That looks a fine place for a game, perhaps if WLV Sport progress so ground gradings kick in they’d consider playing there? (Hint Hint!)

But the slightly surreal nature of the evening wasn’t just about where I was. I’d driven through Spaghetti Junction on my way there and glanced to my left. There was Villa Park, floodlit in the midst of a Premier League game played behind closed doors between Aston Villa and Sheffield United (1-0) but I knew that my game at the 12th level of football in England would have a higher attendance than this, officially at least! These are certainly bizarre times.

Perhaps inevitably roughly half the attendance was made up of groundhoppers; not every one of us absolutely has to have a programme. That said a caged 3G pitch isn’t going to be a massive draw either, you can see something roughly similar to this in plenty of places! The cage does have one quirk, there’s a running track round only three-quarters of it. It’s handy if you want to run 300 metres, but more might be an issue! But it does just nicely for WLV Sport right know, and we were royally entertained on a warm evening.

It was a good game to watch but a lot of the entertainment was possible due to referee Andy Holmes who managed a game that occasionally threatened to spill over. He’s the reason only one card was shown, and both sides were able to express themselves. The right side won, Enville moved the ball better and were better in front of goal.

But to a neutral like me it was a treat to watch two well-matched teams play again. I had cause to reflect on that as I passed Villa Park on the way home.