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Monday 28th August 2017 ko 11.00

South Wales Alliance Division One

COGAN CORONATION 0 Boulton sent off 71 (2nd Booking)

AFC WHITCHURCH 6 (Bould 11 Spencer 27 Woodman 49 Fry 54 90 Brazier 74p)

Att 227

Entry £3

Programme £1

Monday dawned, and I half-showered, half used the warm water to breath life into my tired legs. Just the 3 games left, in what has become something of a tradition, Cardiff Monday, scheduled for a coach drop after the final game at Cardiff Central Railway Station. I found myself wondering why I and others were so tired after 7 games when at Maine Road we’d felt more sprightly after 10?

The answer of course is seats, every single ground we visited on the Easter Hop had plenty of them, but on this adventure only Brecon Corries Rich Field had a seated stand. Part of the fun of this day was watching the ingenious ways people found to grab a seat!

This day was the most difficult day to set up. The original idea was to pay Canton Liberal a visit, not least as a thank you for them playing at Sully Sports on a Friday at short notice last season. But with their ground being revamped by the council, they’re playing this season at the almost adjacent Leckwith Stadium. We pondered heading there, we never did visit there when Cardiff Grange Quins were resident, but then decided against it. We took the view that plenty of the hoppers on this hop would have ticked it for the Quins, and plenty who hadn’t went there before the Cwm Welfare game!

So with Coronation happy to host, off to the Cogan district of Penarth we headed. The club gets it’s rather unusual name for the Cogan Coronation Social Club and Institute where the football club was formed in the late 1950’s. The club has metamorphosed from being Coronation, through being the more logical Corinthians when they merged with Penarth Town, then back to Coronation when the club were forced out of the South Wales Amateur League in the 60’s. They worked their way back to the then parallel South Wales Senior League in 1991.

Home is the humble “Rec” at the back of the local leisure centre. There’s little more than two barriers, one to surround the pitch, and a fence to secure the ground itself. Whilst it’s clearly no Cardiff City Stadium, it does every thing the club needs it to, and they certainly made it work for them on a positively sultry Bank Holiday Monday.

Breakfasts were served, drinks sold as quickly as you’d expect on a warm day, and I amused myself by watching a well-known hopper known for a liking for sunbathing positively sprint for the entrance in case, God forbid, the programmes sold out. Did he not know that he the advance ticket guarantees a programme? He was successful, stripped off and read his precious magazine with almost indecent interest.

He ended up missing a goal or two, which from a Cogan perspective may not have been a bad thing! As good hosts as they were, they were completely blown away by Whitchurch to such an extent that the dismissal of Martyn Boulton was a case of adding insult to injury rather than altering the course of the game.

In the end we trooped back to the coaches; it had been one of those hop games that had added up to far more than the surroundings. That was due in no small part to Cogan Coronation and their band of volunteers, then again isn’t this part of the reason for holding these events anyway?