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Wednesday 4th May 2016 ko 18.45

Cambridgeshire County League- Senior B


WITCHFORD 96 1 (Loker 46)

Att 13

Entry FREE

No Programme

My regular reader I suspect has long since worked out I live life at million miles an hour. It all started a few years ago as a means of not thinking about other parts of my life, but now I’ve got to a point where I feel slightly guilty if I’m not on the move! Still my friends seem to have found inventive ways of slowing me down, and this was a good example.

I regularly collect fellow hopper Chris from Wavendon, which he is at great pains to point out “Is not in (bloody) Milton Keynes,” even if I always end up driving up through the place to get to him. From there almost invariably we head east, but on this occasion it was a shorter drive from normal, to a pretty village green in Cambridgeshire.

Whittlesford is mentioned in the Domesday Book and the place oozes history from its every pore. The houses, the church, it really is a case of find a park bench and let it all seep firstly into your consciousness, then into your soul. Watch a game here, and you’ll understand the appeal of cricket on the village green.

I’d been warned that there was nothing at all riding on this game, in the third tier of the league, but I allowed myself an inward smile. Because, dear reader, assuming you’re still there, the amateur footballer never plays within themselves. And so it was to pass, two decent, and I mean decent in the correct meaning of the word teams who played out a virtually meaningless game in the third division of a county league as if their lives depended on it.

But there I was, camera and clipboard in hand, watching the sunset over the church on that most English of scenes. And that dear reader surely is the elixir of life itself.

Dedicated to Chris Garner. Good luck on your new life in Devon.