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Thursday 21st April 2016 ko 18.15

Bristol & Suburban League Division 3

LAWRENCE WESTON “A” 5 (Rawlings 45 70 Mullula 60 Morgan 72 84)

STOCKWOOD WANDERERS RESERVES 4 (Pinches 10 42 Alzanetti 30 Box 75)

Att 7

Entry FREE

Nothing for sale

You can imagine it can’t you? I’m scouring the fixtures for a game in Bristol, and I spot a team called Lawrence Rovers are at home. Now I’m a sucker for a club whose name tells a story, even if they use a “W” where I use a “U” so off Robyn and I trotted to north-west Bristol..

The area is now a gigantic council estate, quite literally thousands of dwellings added in the 1950’s to a tiny hamlet that was a tything of Henbury. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t find the place, just too many homes occupying the same postcode.

We were fortunate that as we headed off to being lost I spotted a game warming up on my left. Eventually we diverted back to the Kings Weston Sports & Social Club and threw our spectating lot in with whatever was kicking off. It proved to be an entertaining move!

The ground may be recognised as being the home of now defunct Sea Mills Park whose 3 year stint in the Gloucestershire County League ended in 2007. The place is nothing if not spectacular with views of the Second Severn Bridge and lying adjacent to Grade I listed mansion Kings Weston House.

It was however the game I’ll remember this for. Yes, it was a third XI versus a reserve side in the 5th division of a league a feeder to the Gloucestershire County League whose divisions are bizarrely numbered Premier 1 Premier 2, then Divisions 1 to 5, but this game positively fizzed. That was no thanks to referee Mike O’Callaghan who misinterpreted the term “Passive aggressive” and was simply the latter to both players, management and spectators.

But let’s not worry about him, despite his best attempts, he wasn’t the centre of attention, two excellent sets of players were. The game utterly belied its place, 12 promotions from the Football League, but I do have one question that really does need an answer.

That pie on the dugout, what was that about?