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Wednesday 20th April 2016 ko 18.30

North Berkshire League Division 3

UFFINGTON UNITED 2 (Masterlez 19 Byrne 33)

GROVE RANGERS 2 (Cramp 31 Chalmers 46)

Att 7

Entry FREE

No Programme

For many groundhoppers the village of Uffington means one thing. It’s where in 2012 188 of us watched a NBFL Division 5 game. It was quite an evening, Uffington beat the now defunct Appleton 12-0, one player scored 8 and another scorer made the Chilli con Carne that sold in quite gargantuan quantities! 

Others remember the floodlights, constructed after the club were given some streetlight poles, then used ingenuity thereafter.

I remember Tubby the Appleton substitute whose presence was required on the pitch, so I was dispatched to find him. The name was a giveaway, he was to be found demolishing the chilli, and washing it down with a pint. I wondered five minutes later how exactly he managed to run!

Since then Uffington have twice been promoted, but the view is still there of the famous White Horse, if you know where to look, but on this evening there was none of the hoopla of 4 years ago, just two decent clubs slugging out for end-of-season points.

It finished as a draw, handy for this neutral, but having now had the chance to speak to the club once again I will find a reason to bring the hop back to Fawler Road. The club reckon they can do even better than last time, but for me I’d just like to try that Chilli again!!