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Wednesday 9th September 2015 ko 18.00

Cheltenham League Division 5

WINDYRIDGE ROVERS 5 (May 15 33 48 Brady 18p 60)

REGENCY TOWN 3 (Jones 17 Pullen 66 Lee 79)

Att 39

Entry FREE

No Programme

As a child I remember when I discovered the real joy of the FA Cup. It was and still is at that point where the last amateur clubs meet the professional ranks, and the latter’s fans indulge in the same question,” What League do they play in?”

It’s almost a rhetorical one, just read the programme, the real question is finding out how many times the unknowns would need to be promoted to reach parity? From then its just how far down the pecking order is it possible to go? Well right here, right now its Division 5 of the Cheltenham League, or to put it another way 14 promotions from the Football League.

To make life more interesting the game pitched Windyridge in their first ever game in the league, against Regency in their second season, and the game was played in Swindon.

That’s right, Swindon, not the ugly expanded town with the Magic Roundabout in Wiltshire, this is a small village subsumed in Cheltenham’s northern suburbs. The railway line thunders in the background, but the park has 3 football pitches (this game was on pitch 2), a cricket pitch and the whole lot is serviced by 2 pavilions.

So what was it like? The answer is that it was great entertainment. Two sides who decided to replace what they lacked in talent with honest endeavour, and served up a thumping good game. Windyridge deserved their maiden victory, they created that little bit more, but Regency made them work for it.

I enjoyed myself immensely, but there was the sadness that that is now it for mid-week un-floodlit games until the spring. From now on midweek its back to what some would call “Sensible” football. They don’t know what they’re missing!