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Wednesday 5th August 2015 ko 18.30

West Dean Charity League, Intermediate Group 3


YORKLEY 10 (2 21 26 37 54 57 68 75 76 79)

Att 21

Entry FREE

No Programme

Sometimes I think that in the long term I’ll become something of a research groundhopper, and therefore this blog will end up being to publicise those little footballing gems that so far have evaded attention. And dear reader if that means I get to visit, photograph and write about places like Milkwall’s Edenwall Road, then that’s fine by me!

And yes this is MILKWALL, in the Forest of Dean and not the Lions “sarf” of the River Thames in London. It’s a peaceful village with the Perrygrove heritage narrow-gauge railway nearby a nod back to the area’s mining and industrial past.

The club own the ground, and in time may well move the other side of the cycle track that traces the line of the old coal railway to the golf club. They are rather cramped for width here, and with the ground forming the bell at the terminus of a cul-de-sac, the builders are casting an avaricious eye on the land.

So get here while you can and enjoy the most wonderful piece of home-made civil engineering, a covered stand, built as an extension to the clubhouse, complete with chicken wire and a separate smoking section!

Milkwall played last season in the top-flight of the North Gloucestershire League but lost most of their players (mostly to Chepstow Town FC) so have opted to drop down to Division 3 for this season, which is why they’re in the Intermediate section of this tournament.

And to be brutally honest they looked horribly about of place, even in these reduced circumstances. The departed players have been replaced by their reserves, but those players looked incapable of anything coherent, so the visitors ran in 10 goals without having to ask too much of themselves.

For all the carnage on the pitch, off of it there was a strong committee watching. They may be at a low ebb, but I left in no doubt that football in Milkwall will be on the way back to full health soon.