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Saturday 20th June 2015 ko 13.30

Extra-Time Project

AC WOLLATON 6 (Pietraforte 59 Todd 81 88 94  109 Burke 102)

RUSHCLIFFE DYNAMO 5 (Firth 47 Brown 55 Walker 90p 113p Rudge 101)

2 hour game

Att 14

Entry FREE

Programme- By donation

As far as I’m concerned this is Rob Hornby territory. As I exited the M1 at Kirby Muxloe and headed north-east I began to pass the villages whose clubs he’s featured on his hops. I saw a Metropolitan line train on the Old Dalby test track, and found myself reminiscing over a hard fought contest at Keyworth United. From there is wasn’t far to the Rushcliffe Leisure Centre, with the Nottingham Football Centre tucked in behind it.

Just about everything about this game intrigued me.  Who are AC Wollaton, why was this game being played in the middle of June, and why produce programme for such a low level game? Let’s deal with the questions in order. Firstly AC Wollaton are a revival of an old Sunday League team, and are very much the baby of Roberto Pietraforte, which may give you a clue as to the derivation of the AC prefix!

They’ve been accepted into the Notts Amateur Alliance (a feeder to the Notts Senior League) and are playing each Saturday during the close season as a means of keeping fit, and as a means of boosting club profile, funds, and raising monies for charity. The programme sales, will help the latter, but the reason given for their production was to give bloggers information on the club and its aims. They will aim to produce a programme for every home game next season.

They’ll play all the home games here on a top-grade artificial pitch, which I suspect fellow NAA outfit Rushcliffe won’t see too often next season, and they certainly won’t be asked to play 60 minutes each way either! It was a mercy on a humid day that there were rolling substitutions!

And to be honest it could have been awful, but there’s something rather infectious and endearing about Roberto, and his enthusiasm has clearly rubbed off on his players. It also helped that the two sides were both well-matched, and both willing and able to pass the ball well.

They ran, they passed, they joked, and yes they perspired and if they’d played this game 10 times, you’d probably have seen an equal number of wins to either side. On this occasion unquestionably the difference between the sides was Wollaton’s Nathan Todd. The former Bilborough United man restricted himself to a mere cameo but still scored 4 goals of the highest quality.

But at the end of it all, more than anything I was more impressed in the club and its ethos. It was a pleasure to sit on the fieldturf at the centre line and pick out the photos. I’ll look out for their progress, good luck the them.