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Tuesday 2nd December 2014 ko 19.45

Dorset Senior Cup Quarter-Final

WIMBORNE TOWN 4 (Gamble 16 60 Davison 65 Webb 72)


Att 91

Entry £6 (normally £9)

Programme £1.50

With the blog now roughly 600 articles old, I do get followers on social media that do so to follow the updates. It’s all very gratifying, especially when the follower is a club I haven’t visited! The downside is the guilt when I pick somewhere that isn’t a follower, so I decided to go for the safe approach and watch Wimborne!

The Dorset town of Wimborne Minster is famous for its beautifully preserved 16th-19th century buildings with the Minster undoubtedly the centrepiece. The burial-place of King Ethelred of Wessex is over 1300 years old and has one of only 4 chained libraries left worldwide. Perhaps that’s why the football ground is on the outskirts of town, and that fact did make it easy to find, turn off the A31 and aim for the floodlights!

In truth it had been a beast of a journey due to a burnt-out lorry on the A31 by Ringwood, so I was a little flustered when I went through the turnstiles. But from then on in my evening couldn’t have been any better.

I love a club that does the little things well, and its here that Wimborne excel. You want the line-ups? Posted by the turnstile. You like a programme? Its excellent here, and so it goes on. More even than that the club were friendly to a fault, I strolled into the clubhouse at half-time, was welcomed by a steward, met the town crier, and exchanged a joke with the chef at the excellent barbecue.

One or two picked up I’m from Oxford, and made five from twice two by thinking I’m from Oxford City FC, Wimborne have drawn them in the FA Trophy. Sorry to be unable to help you scout them chaps, save for to expect quite a few Spaniards, and CEO Thomas Guerriero is certainly an interesting gentleman!

On the pitch, Wimborne of the Southern League Division One South & West took on Sherborne one division lower in the Western League Premier. Yes, Raith Plant son of Led Zeppelin legend Robert does still play for them, and it was the visitors who threatened a shock, captain Steve Burton glancing a header past Ben Field in the home goal in the first minute.

The game settled into a pattern of Wimborne probing but as soon as Mark Gamble equalised with a fine shot from an almost impossible angle, the confidence of competence allowed Wimborne to win the game without being unduly troubled.

I finally relaxed, sipped a coffee and enjoyed all that’s here. I left wondering why I’d left it this long to pay The Cuthbury a visit. Please don’t wait as long as I did!