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Wednesday 3rd September ko 18.00

Hampshire Premier League Senior Division

COLDEN COMMON 3 (Chester 17 Reed 45 90)

HEDGE END RANGERS 2 (Cross 39 Turner 42p)

Att 60

Entry FREE

Programme £1

The great beauty of writing about an endless supply of football grounds is that the process of putting together these articles makes you think a little deeper than, “I like this place,” and let’s face it there are no lack of football bloggers out there whose description of what they’ve experienced is often little more than, “Decent” or “Nice,” God I hate those two words.

I first visited Colden Common just over a year ago at their home of the Main Road Recreation Ground. They were, and still are the only club in the league to produce a programme but there was a real buzz about them, and although typically I didn’t bring them any luck, they saw fit to put my article on their website. Here’s what I wrote last year, click here.

With every piece I write I try to understand what I’m watching both on and off the field of play, and to get under the skin of the club. There tends to be common factors such as local pride and tradition, but in Colden Common I found that wonderful “X factor” of charm.

So I was a touch concerned that they’d had ground trouble and had moved down the road to the end of Boyes Lane, to Colden Common Park, the ground of their youth team. I understand that the league decided that there weren’t enough shower heads back at Main Road, but at the least the league could be kept happy over the road.

The club’s charm was manifest at least that hadn’t changed; the club printed extra programmes to sate the bumper crowd’s paper thirst, and the committee worked their socks off selling cups of tea and chocolate bars at half-time. Their cause wasn’t helped by the clubhouse being booked for a ladies exercise class forcing sales outside, no issue on a warm, sunny evening.

And I’m pleased to report I actually didn’t bring my usual dose of bad luck, on this fine evening Common came from a goal down to win with almost the final kick of the game, through Aiden Reed’s fine strike. He was the difference between good sides, but at half-time and after the final whistle, I got the distinct impression of what its like to be involved at Colden Common right now.

Colden Common Park is a perfectly adequate ground for the club at this time and it keeps the League happy, but home is where the heart is and I passed home as left, heading back to the M3. The Recreation Ground on the Main Road looked lonely as I drove by, hopefully they’ll be able to return soon.