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Wednesday 14th August 2013 ko 18.30

Hampshire Premier League Senior Division

WINCHESTER CASTLE 2 (L Nancholas 64 Anscombe 78)

OVERTON UNITED 4 (Houseman 24 31 Rudge 51 58)

Att 15

Entry FREE

No Programme


Chocolate 50p

I do like these early season early kick-offs, a quick exit after work, and back home afterwards at a sensible hour. That of course is in complete contrast of course to what will follow until the clocks go forward next year!

It’s worth noting that Winchester Castle don’t play in Winchester, the Hampshire County Council Sports Ground is in fact in Chilcomb. Even that’s an approximation, the ground lies off the A31 and if you’ve visited Alresford chances are you’ve passed this place, although its easy enough to miss the entrance, I nearly did!

The view from the ground is spectacular, you’re on the edge of a limestone escarpment, the South Downs, where incidentally once my girlfriend managed to slide down, on horseback! To the west is a quite wonderful view of Winchester, I just wish the weather had been a little more conducive to picking out Winchester’s features!

The club though provided better memories than even the view. I’ve walked into hundreds of clubhouses over the years, but how many times do you get offered a tea, and the club refuse point-blank to take payment for it? Or strolling back at half-time and another cup of tea was there at the bar waiting for me. I hadn’t even asked! Is there a better recommendation for a club?

And to be honest the game helped too! Overton lost their first game, Winchester won theirs but that rather limited form-book went out of the window. Daniel Houseman scored a quick-fire brace, the second courtesy of a rather fortuitous non-offside decision. That brace was followed by another in the second half, this time from Harry Rudge with Winchester scoring twice through Liam Nancholas and Paul Anscombe as the visitors eased off. With 12 minutes left there was just enough doubt in the final result to make it interesting, but that was the extent of Winchester’s revival, and Overton held on for a good win.

I strolled back to the car with muddy shoes, but completely satisfied with my evening out. Whatever you do in life, it’s not often you can think that.