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Monday 27th December 2021 ko 11:30

Somerset County League Premier Division

CHILCOMPTON SPORTS 3 (Curtis 4 57 Edwards 81)

WESTFIELD 1 (Baber 27)

Att c120

Free Entry

I’m fairly certain no medical book advises that the cure for a post-Christmas hangover is the Somerset County League, but oddly it worked for me! Robyn and I had spent Christmas with family in Bristol, and while it was time to head back to Oxford, there was an intriguing double to complete in the Mendips beforehand; but as ever there was a catch…

The catch was that it was cold, windy and the rain was coming down in torrents. With neither side particular active on social media, and let’s face it, who is going to tweet much about a football club over Christmas, there was serious doubt as to whether this game, or any locally was going to take place. 

Robyn and I found the ground, and there was the referee ready to lead the two teams out for kick-off. But would the game finish and how wet was I likely to get in watching it? The sadness was that this was a real local derby, Westfield play only about half a mile from Chilcompton, there was a large crowd, and the only cover was the clubhouse’s overhang around 50 yards from the pitch. I tried to watch from pitchside, but soon retreated back to that overhang. Pneumonia isn’t a good look!

Thankfully the rain relented for the second half so I squelched my way through the mud to be pitchside, and I can confirm that my Desert Boots are both watertight and supremely inappropriately named. I finally managed to concentrate on what I was watching, and I did ruefully note that Westfield did seem only to be able to score when it was raining.

In the end the better side won, and I had enough time to disassemble the camera in the back of the car to dry it all off- the rain had even seeped between the lens and filter! I took the view that I’d been fortunate that the game has taken place, and with so many 2pm kick-offs falling foul of the rain, that my second game was on. We headed there with confidence, after all we had a spy in the camp!