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Tuesday 22nd May 2018 ko 18.30

Coventry Alliance Division 2

CRICK ATHLETIC 3 (Pritchard 39 54 Hull 40)


Att 15

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When I read about some hoppers self-imposed rules and regulations I usually allow myself a wry smile. There’s the one who won’t go to a game unless its on the Groundhopper App and then there’s the ones who won’t go to a game below the 6th step of non-league “Because its all fields.” Each to their own of course, but for me the beauty of the hobby is digging up the little gems, and you’ll never be able to do that with an App- you are inevitably using someone else’s research. To find a little gem like Crick you have to dig that little known seam of football that is (nominally) Step 11.

The village of Crick lies just north of Daventry in Northamptonshire and the hill is what gives the place it’s name, Cruc is the Celtic word for hill. You’d expect somewhere close to DIRFT, the massive international rail terminal to be loud and industrial, instead you find yourself gazing at the Grade I listed St Margaret’s Church, and the beacon atop the aforementioned hill. Chris Garner described the place as serene, and he hit the nail on the head with the description.

The surprise was just how well appointed the place is. I’m used to some of the grounds in the Coventry Alliance being basic, but any player would look forward to using these facilities. In fact the only real indication you were watching a game at the base of the pyramid was that the game kicked off ten minutes late, which was handy because Chris and I had arrived.. ten minutes late!

We watched a game that despite being a dead rubber still managed to entertain and be played to a more than acceptable standard. That said I’ve long opined that once football drops below Step 6 the standard feels similar no matter what level you’re watching.

But no matter how entertaining the game was this was an evening to enjoy your surroundings. I found myself taking a metaphorical step back from  it all and watched a horse clop by and a red kite swoop over the beacon. Yes, Chris got it completely right. It was serene and I’d found another little gem far from the Apps and regulations. My satisfaction was total.