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Friday 18th August 2017 ko 19.45

Wessex League Cup 2nd Round


HAMBLE CLUB 4 (Magookin 2 S Wilson 6 Byrne 14 Lynch 47)

Att 71

Entry £6

No Programme

I remember as an 11 year old my maths teacher introducing the concept of rubber sheet geometry. Topology to use its correct term is the idea that by distorting distance or shape you may simplify its depiction. The London Underground map is a classic example, but groundhoppers do tend to use their own version, and this game rather proved the point.

Robyn and I used this game as Salisbury was, on that rubber map, on the way from Oxford to Bristol but as soon as we saw fellow hopper Andy we realised our map was far inferior to his. He lives in Suffolk, and managed to find Wiltshire on his way back from working in Basildon! That, I suppose is the contrary nature of the hobby!

It probably helped that Bemerton Heath is one of the more interesting grounds in the Wessex League with it’s high hedges, and its apex stand in the clubhouse. Another bonus was the fine weather, in complete contrast to the howling gale when I last paid the Westwood Recreation Ground  a visit 6 years ago. Not much has changed, the Leylandii have been trimmed slightly, if they hadn’t I suspect the floodlights would be useless now!

The game wasn’t one to be late to, as it was settled in 15 minutes flat! I really ought to pay Hamble Club a re-visit, I suspect the ground will be barely recognisable, but its clear they’ve taken to Wessex League football like a duck to water.  They were far too strong for a Bemerton side that looked bereft of both confidence and ideas.

In the end it all rather petered out, each side probably thinking they had bigger fish to fry this season. The three of us headed back to our cars pondering two different journeys, but sadly those rubber maps couldn’t be manipulated to make either shorter….