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Saturday 22nd October 2016 ko 12.00

North Devon League Premier Division

LANDKEY TOWN AFC 1 (Phillips 40)

BIDEFORD COMMUNITY 5 (Comerford 2 Morris 26 61 St John 29p Kewley 78)

Att 20

Entry FREE

NO Progamme

On the basis that any double is a good double it made sense to sit in a car for 3 hours to head to a small village near Barnstaple to watch that side play a Southern League side’s reserves. The reason for the early kick off was that the visitors wanted to travel afterwards to watch local boxer Tommy Langford fight in Cardiff that evening. The bout was cancelled, but the early kick-off was kept, and that was enough for half the attendance to have absolutely no connection to either side!

The unusual name is a corruption of the Celtic/Welsh Llan-Kea, or the ground around the church of St Kea. The village is also known for a revival of the Mazzard cherry, planted in the village’s Millenium Orchard, just above the football pitch.

The pitch is easy to miss, up a track round the back of the Castle at Landkey pub, off of Blakes Hill Road. That’s assuming the weather has been kind, and will the orchard draining onto the pitch, games can be switched to a pitch further down the hill, off Tanners Lane. You can imagine the hoppers eyebrows twitch when we heard THAT news!

It was one of those delicious afternoons where the moons of a good game, good company and good views converged. Landkey finished on the losing side, correctly on the balance of play, even of the scoreline was harsh on them though, and soon enough the lure of various 3pm kickoffs sent the hoppers in divergent directions.