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Stockholm 1st to 2rd June 2016

This year’s visit was different, for the first time I convinced a significant other to come with me. On one hand it wasn’t too difficult to convince Robyn, all I had to do was show her the photos I took last year but this year we were a little short of time so my task was to condense the best of Sweden’s capital into a little over a 48 hours.

The “Under the bridges of Stockholm” boat trip comes highly recommended and the vast majority of the photos come from that two-and-half-hour tour. Unquestionably the highlight of the time in central Stockholm was lunch and Prosecco with friends Per and Elisabeth. I’m not sure how we’ll repay the favour, but repay it we will!

I think this was my 15th trip to Stockholm, most other cities I’d have long since tired of. Now the regular football trips have influenced my visits but it would be all to easy to simply turn up with most of the others and just load by weekend up with football.

But I think there’s something mutual going on. I love the beautiful friendly city, and its inhabitants seem to find the eccentric Englishman fascinating. I’m not sure why, but long may it continue.