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Monday 28th March 2016 ko 15.00

Gloucestershire County League



Att 59

Entry & Programme £2

Tea 70p

In football, as in life, sometimes you just need to slow down. After 7 games in two-and-a-bit days in the South West Peninsula League, I’d had great plans of a madcap double. But I awoke looked out of the window and decided to take it easy…

And Frampton proved to be perfect for that. One of those chocolate-box places that an American tourist would probably call “Quaint,” with the village green and the pub in the background. There’s a goal at each end, a rail and a tea bar, and quite honestly what more do you need?

The Gloucestershire County League is the perfect Step 7 league for its area. The football is good, the ground gradings stringent enough to allow a club to progress, without making the supposed quality of the facilities more important than the teams’ performances.

You could be forgiven for thinking the goal-free game was dull. It wasn’t, it was more a case of the two sides being rather too well-matched. The game held the attention as the nearby River Severn meandered its way down to Bristol.

Robyn and I sipped our teas, leaned on the rail, and relaxed…. Bliss.