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Tuesday 19th May 2015 kop 18.15

Coventry Alliance Premier Division


A.E.I. RUGBY 6 (Halim 2 60 Vince 63 65 76p Glover 85)

Att 47

Entry FREE

No Programme

Start with the obvious I suppose, this is Ambleside Way in Nuneaton, not the pretty town in the Lake District, and the club takes its name from the Ambleside Sports Ground, which in turn is named after the street. After all, the other Ambleside would be a little far for the Coventry Alliance’s footprint! Incidentally the ground is a few hundred yards from the Hinckley and North Warwickshire College ground, used for some Midland U21 League fixtures

The Ambleside facilities are a typical suburban sportsground, well maintained, but for the football traveller the unexpected bonus is the side that’s railed off with hard standing. When wet underfoot that area would be of benefit, but despite the cloudy sultry conditions, there was no rain.

But this game wasn’t simply a case of ticking off a ground, for AEI the season is very much alive. A win here was need to make the league’s final game have meaning. They were third, and this win would mean that in a week’s time Folly Lane would play Whitnash with the winner taking the title, and AEI taking the title in the event of a draw.

And if you weren’t there you’d assume that the win was straightforward, but it really wasn’t early on. An analogy would be a misfiring engine, as AEI got a early goal, but spluttered and stumbled for the best part of an hour as nerves set in. But then Halim Halim collected his second goal, Ambleside’s resistance crumbled, and Lee Vince rolled in a fully deserved hat-trick, with Michael Glover providing the icing on the cake late on.

So it’s destination Folly Lane FC, London Road, Coventry next Tuesday for a genuine shoot-out for the title, I hope there’s plenty of parking!