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Wednesday 8th April 2015 ko 18.15

North Bucks & District League Premier Division

BRACKLEY SPORTS 0 Hirons missed penalty 27

SYRESHAM 3 (Markham 11 Watts 17 Allen 20)

Att 44

Entry FREE

Nothing for Sale

I do like visiting a town’s second club, you tend to either see a studied indifference to the bigger club or the frustration of a one-sided rivalry. In the case of Brackley Sports its the former, even though the floodlights of Brackley Town’s St James Park are clearly visible from Sports home at the Recreation Centre.

In all honesty, the North Bucks League is a world away from the Conference North. Its a feeder to the United Counties League, that’s an ambition for Sports, but the obvious issue for the club is facilities. There’s a goal at each end… and not much else. They’d like to move to something purpose-built, but the problem round these parts is land prices are high, and the needs and ambitions of a small community football club are low on the list of the politicians priorities.

Nevertheless they’re a friendly, outward looking club, they even rustled up a team sheet for me, and let’s face it, on a sunny evening there aren’t many better things to do than watch a local football match. I didn’t turn up to watch referee Eddie Saleh, but his eccentricities made him the centre of attention; would he get away with a pre-match lecture of the players in the Premier League?

This was a real local derby, so as such I expected a close game. The problem was as soon as the visitors spotted Sports’ Achilles heel they ruthlessly exploited it. Josh Markham’s speculative shot went through keeper James Blake’s legs, then a curling corner proved to be too much to defend, Ryan Watts benefitting. In fact Syresham liked that second goal so much they repeated the trick for the third, the only difference being that it was Dan Allen’s head that met the ball.

From that point Syresham tightened up and were content to play out the game. Sports missed a penalty, or should I say that Luke Connell saved it. Other than that there was the unfortunate clash of head that saw Sports Ian Hazelwood depart presumably to the local A & E department.

It all felt rather unfortunate for my friendly hosts, I obviously caught them on a bad day.