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Tuesday 30th September 2014 ko 19.45

Wessex League Premier Division

MONEYFIELDS 6 (Hutchings 12 20 75 90 Rutherford 16 55)

FAREHAM TOWN 1 (Woods 10)

Att c100

I suppose if you’re not an aficionado of Non-League football the first question is where is the Moneyfields Sports Ground? The name is taken from the avenue where it’s situated, in Copnor on the eastern edge of Portsea Island, in Portsmouth. In fact I could see the floodlights of Fratton Park as I turned into Copnor.

Copnor’s most famous son is undoubtedly former Prime Minister James Callaghan who served from 1976-1979, but the area has the quirk of having a station road despite never had a station! The idea was to have a station between Portsmouth Town, and Havant stations, the road was built and named, but plans for the station were shelved.

The line runs behind one goal of the ground, restricting development to the ground, but giving the photographer quite a background!

Now it has to be said that I do have plenty of history with Fareham Town, not least because their secretary Paul “Splodge” Proctor is a friend of mine. My ability to jinx any team I watch is well-known, but contrary to popular belief my influence on Fareham hasn’t been entirely malevolent! In fact I’ve watched them win twice, once at home, and I even saw them score 10 once, and coined the phrase “Metronomic efficiency,” to describe them when I saw them at Sporting Bishops Waltham a few years ago.

So I’m not going to be held responsible for this reverse, as complete as it was. Yes the Creeksiders’ defence was far too static for most of the time, but they won’t have to cope with forwards like Alfie Rutherford and Stephen Hutchings too often this season.

The tragedy for Fareham was that they lead the game through Simon Woods’ predatory strike (he was the triallist at United Services Portsmouth by the way) and could have had as second when a Wayne Boud cross was headed over the bar.

After that Messrs’ Hutchings and Rutherford set to work and their movement caused chaos in the visitors’ defence. Hutchings collected 4 goals and managers’ son Rutherford collected a brace; he could easily have been playing for Portsmouth right now, they offered him a 2-year constract, but a heart issue means he can’t train full-time.

One spectator had a foot on both camps. Steve Claridge played for Fareham before the likes of Leicester and Portsmouth but now runs a football school at Moneyfields. He kept a dispassionate expression during the game.

The win puts Moneyfields top, and the ground looks close to fulfilling ground-grading for the Southern League, but there is one tip I’ll leave you with when you pay them a visit. Do allow plenty of time to park up as there’s almost nowhere at the ground, and even a modest crowd sees the spaces in the surrounding streets fill quickly.