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Saturday 26th July 2014 ko 14.00

Pre-Season Friendly

RIVETS 7 (Lane 1 Ithier 9 Tomlinson 20 82 Carter 45 Webb 45p Chiarello 67)


Att 7

Entry FREE

Programme- They’d sold out; what do you think?

Every so often I like to go completely back-to-basics, and watch a game on a park pitch, stripping the game back to the only essentials, 22 people, two goals and a ball. This game certainly did that and satisfied the OCD part of me that simply has to see a game at somewhere I’ve passed by regularly.

Rivets used to be called Haydon United (not to be confused with the Hayward United that eventually became Aylesbury FC) and moved to the War Memorial Ground in Stone for this season. It’s on the A417 just out of Aylesbury on the road to Thame. They have nothing to do with the defunct Rivet Sports club that played in the Hellenic League and departed the Chiltonian League at the end of the 1984/5 season. For this season they’ll be playing in Division 2 of the Aylesbury & District League.

The opponents were meant to be Essex Senior League outfit Clapton, an odd match, and clearly Rivets agreed. When they heard that Clapton’s Ultras with their banners and pyro were likely to descend on a quiet park in Buckinghamshire they took a close look at their opponents. It was clear that the Tons would run riot, so Rivets cancelled and Wing from the altogether more suitable North Bucks & District League were the opponents.

The only question was would have Clapton put 7 past Rivets, as Rivets did to a depleted Wing side? Who knows, I just sat there, took my pictures, and enjoyed two friendly sides play football on the village green in the sunshine. After all, what more do you really need?