1 thought on “The start”

  1. turnstile one said:

    my hey day of the cheetas was the sixties and seventies arnie panda and my all time favourite ronnie genz ronnie could beat anyone if he really wanted to problem is he didnt allways want to. i can remember one evening at swindon when barry briggs was world champion ronnie beat briggsy twice which went down well with the oxford fans. only down side is i had a puncture on my 650 bsa super rocket comming out of the car park at swindon the saga of getting home is another story reminds me of when i went on the bsa to watch oxford at wallsall and the dam clutch cable broke at perry bar on the way back. speaking of nice speedway stadiums we went on the bikes to see roy trigg in the british finals at west hams custom house that was a really nice stadium we also went to watch the rebels at white city happy days

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