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Saturday 19th July 2014 ko 15.00

Pre-Season Friendly

GUILDFORD CITY 1 (Baker 27) Spencer missed penalty 70

LINGFIELD 2 (O’Hara 41 Abraham 80)

Att c20 at the Mytchett Centre

Entry FREE

Programme – Don’t be daft

I’m not sure why City opted to play this away from the Spectrum Centre, perhaps athletics takes precedence in July. Either way it offered up the chance to watch a game at a location not normally used for Saturday football to my knowledge. Mytchett is near Farnborough, it’s where Rudolph Hess was imprisoned in Camp Z in 1941. The camp had been specially set up for his arrival with heavy security and bugging devices, and he stayed there for 13 months.

This would have been a completely run-of-the-mill pre-season friendly but for one detail, and that became obvious when nearing the ground I espied something in my rear-view mirror.

It was a Vulcan bomber, which I’d seen before during a visit to Arundel FC, report here and suddenly the penny dropped, the Farnborough Air Show was on, and as the game was played there was the backdrop of the air-displays including the Red Arrows to distract you.

The game saw Guildford newly relegated back to the Combined Counties taking on Surrey-based Lingfield, unhappily shunted side-ways from the top division of the Sussex County League, to the Southern Counties East. So two Step 5 clubs, and the match was a good one, the clubs played out an entertaining if rather slow-paced game where it was sweltering to watch let alone play.

But let’s be honest here, how many of the of the attendees were there for the football? And of those who were how many managed to watch all of the game? It’s not easy concentrating when the Red Arrows are overhead….

To finish I found another Edward VIII post box! This one is in Overdale, Ashstead, close by to the railway station.