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Sunday 15th June 2014 ko 14.00

Division 5 Nordvästra Götaland

TROLLHÄTTAN BoIS 5 (Larsson 13 Bergendahl 40p Bohlin 53 77 Bergström 90)

FC LIDKÖPING UNITED 4 (Breznica 6 18 Matanovic 28p Restalica 55)

Att 92

Entry and Programme 40 SEK

Kaffe & Korv (coffee and hot dog) Comp’

NB On the Swedish hop, the £270 cost covered entry to all games, programmes, coach travel and two nights Bed and Breakfast.

Now if you think like me, and yes that is a dangerous thought, you’ll be wondering whether the Troll in Trollhättan is the mythical creature oft found under footbridges? And wonderfully yes it is, folklore says that in the islands in the Göta river, trolls used to try to scare off the fishermen. The hättan means bonnet, referring either to the beasts’ headwear, or to the shapes of the islands in the river.

The river is still Trollhättan’s raison d’etre, for those interested in engineering, the city pioneered the use of hydroelectric power, there are two hydro-stations in the town, and the complicated set of locks on the Göta river made the river navigable past the town. But for a town famed for goblins, perhaps that’s not what this place should be remembered for, it really should be for the waterfalls here. The river drops 32 metres, and whilst normally the majority of the water now flows to the hydro-plants, on Fallens Dagar (“Days of the Waterfalls”), arranged on the third Friday of July every year, water is allowed to flow down the river’s original course, including the evocatively named Hell Falls.  Perhaps that’s when the trolls can be seen…..

As a groundhop organiser you can sometimes sense that club is looking forward to its visitors, or as Swedish hop organiser Kim Hedwall would say, “Up for it.” The the buzz that was evident to us all as we climbed from the coach, this was the only occasion on the hop that adults didn’t concern themselves with our IFK Gothenburg team coach, they were more concerned with their guests, and the game itself.

Kim and I knew how much they wanted us there, they, Lidköping and the local FA had agreed to pull the game forward an hour, at no cost to the club, helping us get to FC Trollhättan in plenty of time for a 5pm kick-off. That is no little gesture in these parts, and we all enjoyed their talk on the history of the club, and the tactics they’d use before kick-off. The tactics made sense, Lidköping were bottom so attacking from the flanks was entirely logical. Except for the first 30 minutes the Bosnian visitors clearly hadn’t read the script.

The BoIS, which by the way stands for Boll och Idrottsällskap, or Ball and Sports Society hadn’t mentioned defence in the team talk, so it looked like an error as United raced into a 3-1 lead, but captain Daniel Bergendahl’s penalty just before half-time turned the tide.

BoIS were irresistible after the break, William Bohlin’s brace answered United’s sole second half goal through Ismail Restelica but could BoIS find the goal to complete the comeback?  With seconds left, a through ball found Marcus Bergström who finished well with the visiting team in uproar. They thought he was offside, the referee didn’t and the clutch of our party who were in line agreed. It didn’t stop United’s Ronny Thorsell collecting a second yellow card for utterances to referee Mikael Palmér after the final whistle, but I can only speak for our coach party, and to a hopper we clambered aboard the coach grinning. It was one of those few occasions when the game was as good as the staging.

I don’t think any of us will forget Trollhättan BoIS in a hurry, but there was one more match to see, they were to feature some formed BoIS players.