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Wednesday 7th May 2014 ko 18.30

Northants Combination Premier Division

BRIXWORTH ALL SAINTS 1 (Ling 52) Dufty sent off 90 (2nd booking)


Att 27

Entry FREE

No Programme

Brixworth lies to the north of Northampton, a stone’s throw from the M1/M6 interchange at Catthorpe immortalised in a million traffic reports. The team takes its slightly unusual name from the huge parish church of All Saints. Its one of the oldest, largest and most complete Anglo-Saxon churches in the country. It was founded circa 680 AD and was called  “The finest Saxon church north of the Alps.”

The village church is mentioned in the Peterborough Chronicles, being a monastery founded when Sexwulf became Bishop of Lichfield before the death of King Wulfhere in 675AD. Many elements from the original building remain visible, although there are later additions, notably the tower. The club is to be found on Froxhill Crescent, the mid-point of a modern estate and in the middle of it all is the wide expanse of the St David’s Playing Fields.

It’s a typical multi-sport venue, rather exposed but it was good to see two separate children’s football training sessions taking place as I arrived. There’s a well-appointed clubhouse in one corner, which sadly was closed, I could have murdered a cup of tea! With Brixworth top and with games in hand, this game had plenty riding on it but during a turgid first half there was little to suggest that was the case. Brixworth had Ben Foster’s goal ruled out for offside, and even when Nick Ling opened the scoring the jitters continued. That was summed up by the pointless final minute dismissal of Brixworth’s Ryan Dufty; his second booking coming for, almost unbelievably, for kicking the ball away.

Both teams had their chances, but nothing looked completely convincing, perhaps that though is the mark of a good side, winning when you’re not playing well.