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Sunday 6th April 2014 ko 10.30

B-Klasse Mainz-Bingen West

FC AKSU-DIYAR MAINZ 9 (Kisala 15 33 40 62 79 Cesario 58 77 Ghamkor 64 Onuc 90)

SG 1898 PARTENHEIM 2 (Matischek 79 Jung 87)

Att 14 at Pitch 3 Bezirkssportenlage, Mainz-Mombach

Entry FREE

Programme NO

A few years ago a groundhopping snob on an internet forum decried watching German Kreisliga football. Apart from the maxim of not inflicting ill-thought-out opinions on others, our little keyboard warrior would have had a fit on what I watched here. Normally speaking Kreisliga is the local league, in less built-up areas the lowest rung of the pyramid, and in more urban area the Kreisklasse tucks in beneath that. Like any national organisation there will always be quirks and in Mainz there is no Kreisliga, the A to D Klassen in effect does that job for them. Of course what you miss when you become a status-snob is some hugely enjoyable visits, but then ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

So a gentle drive into the Rhineland and the Mombach suburb of Mainz was in order. The city was the birthplace of Jochen Rindt (and yes I am aware that he represented Austria, being brought up in Graz) and who is the only driver to win, in 1970, the Formula 1 World Championship posthumously. We arrived early, if fact early enough to watch the municipal sports ground slowly splutter to life on a Sunday morning.

A training session on the back pitch was set up for a ladies lacrosse team, and in front of the changing room block an awning was in place, with coffee and cake for sale. Under the circumstances it would have been rude to have failed to indulge.

The game saw a mainly Turkish team, albeit with one extremely talented African up front, demolish their visitors as completely as you’ll see anywhere. Partenheim’s principle weakness was a centre-half, the forwards, and Parmuke Kisala had the option of whether to pass round them, or simply out-muscle them. Time after time Tom Hornik in the visitors’ goal was exposed and there was only so much a man can do….

I sat myself down with a can or two of a rather tasty peach juice drink purchased in the corner, and snapped away in the warm sunshine. You really don’t need paraphernalia, and razzmatazz to enjoy a game.