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Sunday 25thy August 2013 ko 12.00

Welsh Alliance Division One


HOLYWELL TOWN 5 (McElmeel 25 G Williams 45 S Jones 54 J Jones 73 PD Williams 81p) PD Williams missed penalty 65

Att 302

Entry £4

Programme £1

Badge £3

As we’d left Anglesey the previous evening I’d expected a change of feel for the Sunday fixtures. Yes, 3 games in a day is easier in many ways but despite the fact that Llandudno Junction is only 22 miles from Llanfairpwll, it felt far more urbane, yet still unmistakably Welsh.

Llandudno Junction, once known as Tremarl, lies south of Llandudno, and unsurprisingly grew up around the railway station here. Opposite the station is  The Old Station Hotel. Its known locally as ‘The Killer’ or in Welsh ‘Y Killer’. One version of the myth on how it got its name is that train drivers would get drunk there, then drive trains, effectively turning them into possible ‘Killers’. Another version states that this is where the railway workers would spend their lunch breaks, i.e. ‘killed time’.

The Flyover Ground used to be home to Borough United, who won the Welsh Cup in 1963. They folded only a few years after being evicted from the ground in 1967. There are restrictions involved with the use of the place, there’s little or no parking, which made the club use their ingenuity to accommodate a 300-plus crowd. The coaches were parked at a nearby depot, and the side-streets quickly filled up on a warm morning more suited to a sober trip to church, than the blood and thunder of a football match. It was all too much for one local lady, who used herself and her dog as a human shield in a futile attempt to stop hoppers’ cars invading her street. It failed as a gambit for one simple reason. Hoppers have parked up far more often than she’d tried to protest!

The club did a wonderful job for their big crowd. With any groundhop its the details that make or break the event, and the club were spot on in every respect. From a raffle prize perfect for the clientele (local beers) to the line-ups being posted in good time, the best compliment I can give the club is that Chris and I had time to organise a “Get well soon,” card for hopper Dave Jolly, who we hope finds some solace in the fact that almost everyone signed the card, and we ran out of space for further signatures!

In fact everything went well for Junction on their big day.. until kick off, when they found Holywell on a completely different level to them. They looked second best well before Tom McElmeel headed the visitors into the lead, and such was their superiority that Holywell allowed themselves to keep the hop trend of missed penalties going, Paul David Williams the guilty party. The goals came in neat regularity, and I posted myself at that delicious point in the ground where Conwy Castle peers through a gap in the trees, and waited for my shot to come into focus.

You see when you organise these events, when the club does well, save for counting the crowd, you are redundant enough to actually watch the game! It proved to be running theme for the day.