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Sunday 10th March 2013 ko 10.30

Ceredigion League Division Two



Att 161

Entry & Programme by Hop Ticket

Badge £3

Cake £1

The big change for this year’s event was the introduction of a Sunday programme of games, but very much with an eye on getting the travellers home at a reasonable hour. Given that I got home around 9.45pm it worked well, and its a format we’ll use again.

It was noticeably colder and windier as the coach pulled outside the University Playing Fields in Lampeter. We arrived to a scene of disorganisation, and I know that a couple of hoppers had pointed the students in the right direction. Chris and I watched the students organise themselves, and soon realised that things were in hand. When you deal with students you understand that things will happen, but they’ll happen in their own time and at their own order.

The university was founded in 1822 as St David’s College (Coleg Dewi Sant), becoming St David’s University College (Coleg Prifysgol Dewi Sant) in 1971, when it became part of the federal University of Wales. With fewer than 2,000 students on campus, it was often claimed to be one of the smallest public universities in Europe. In 2010 it merged with Trinity University College (under its 1822 charter) to create the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. The club has added the Trinity to its name to become TSDUCFC, but since the name change hasn’t been ratified by the League as yet, tables still refer to them as SDUCFC. With Lampeter’s relative isolation, BUCS footballdoes take place, but the Ceredigion League offers both home and away teams something different. If nothing else TSDUC were the only club whose line-up wasn’t more or less full of quintessentially Welsh names!

Seats were set out by the pitch for those who were unable to stand, they weren’t used, but the real star of the ground was the cricket pavilion set in one corner. It was well used too, with a raffle, cake stall, and hot food all being sold, and once the students got things moving they did a great job hosting. The raffle was intriguing with first prize being 2 tickets for watch Cardiff City’s last home game of the season. With organiser Chris an ardent Swansea fan, many hoped he’d win them, but sadly that bit of schadenfreude didn’t happen!

The opposition hail from Llanddewi Brefi of Little Britain fame, and its one of the longer journeys in the Ceredigion League. They’s asked for the kick-off to be as early as possible so that on Mothering Sunday they could be home reasonably early. That was an easy request to grant, and despite the reputation of student tardiness the game kicked off promptly. One hopper complained that the programme cost £2. He should know by now he was going to get short shrift from me. I replied that if he’d bought a pre-booked ticket, the programme would have been included, in effect free. His response was to say that he wanted as much money to go to the club as possible, as the pre-booked ticket is discounted. So why grumble at £2 then? For the record I thought the programme was a pretty good effort, and one I enjoyed reading on the long trip home. It just proves that you can’t please everyone all of the time.

The game wasn’t an enthralling spectacle, even if the Dewi Stars were hot favourites to win, as TSDUC are rock-bottom of the league. Sadly for the visitors didn’t muster enough attacks and I am taking the credit for the fact we got a goal at all! I was stood behind the goal, starting the crowd count, when I commented that this looked likely to end up nil-nil. As the second, “Nil” left my lips Shane Parkinson’s 20 yard thunderbolt whistled past Gwion Davies in the Dewi goal. It proved to be a rare highlight in a dull game, but a goal’s a goal and the students did a good job in fundraising and promoting their team. I hope this win helps them in what has clearly been a difficult season for them.