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Saturday 26th December 2012 ko 15.00

Northern Counties East League Premier Division


TADCASTER ALBION 3 (Qualter 14 J Barrett 82 D Barrett 90)

Att 52

Entry £5

Programme £1

Hall Road are one of those clubs whose name gives little clue as to their location. For the record, they play in the village of Dunswell, just north of Kingston-upon-Hull. In fact now I think about it, they don’t even play at Hall Road. Dene Park, is in Dene Close, just off the Beverley Road.

For me Hull has always had something of a split personality. On one hand it has the gruff, matter of fact, unlovely reputation summed up by former MP John Prescott. Its the city based on shipping, seafaring and whaling, and as those industries declined, the city became run-down and deprived. One the other hand, its also the city of white phone boxes, the most obvious sign of the city’s own municipal telephony service established in 1902, and now privatised as Kingston Communications, a subsidiary of the KCOM group.

It’s also a city of culture, poet Philip Larkin based much of his work here, and the likes of the Housemartins, Mick Ronson, and Sade have roots here. There’s also world’s only submarium, “Deep,” and an entire Museum Quarter, together with a statue of aviatrix Amy Johnson, also born here.

All of which seemed oddly divorced from Dene Park, on a cold wet Boxing Day. There’s a spacious clubhouse, but the football club seemed lacking in volunteer labour. The football club is a separate entity to the rest of Dene Park, and with the sanck bar at the ground being closed, I wondered how much of the money made from the excellent food sold at the social club made it’s way over to the football club.

The ground has the majority of its facilities at one end. There’s cover and bench seats, with a section marked out as being for “Away Supporters Only,” which looked like a triumph of hope over expectation. In one corner the generator for the floodlights, smoked and spluttered into life, complaining perhaps at having to work on a public holiday.

It seemed that the home forwards were thinking along the same lines. Hall Road, saw plenty of the ball, but seemed far too content to pass when shooting would have been the more obvious option. That set the fixture nicely up for Tadcaster who didn’t look back after Ryan Qualter smashed home after the Hall Road defence failed to clear a free kick properly. At 0-1 the game could have swung back in Hall Road’s favour had they decided to shoot, but with the rain lashing down and time trickling away, Josh Barrett nodded home unmarked at the back post before brother Daniel fired home with the last kick of the game.

Slightly harsh I thought on Hall Road, I thought but when you fail to take every opportunity you tend to pay for it later on.