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Saturday 1st December 2012 ko 14.00

Bedfordshire County League Division One

PAVENHAM 3 (J Owen 20p 66 73)

SHILLINGTON 4 (Slough 1 32 37 Bright 25)

Att 10 (h/c)

Entry FREE

Nothing for sale

Transitions fascinate me. As a child I remember standing on the German/Austrian border, and kidding myself I had a foot in each country. The TV series Doctor Who didn’t interest me, but when one Doctor regenerated into the next, that was not to be missed. For years I could never see what attracted me, but I suppose its that feeling of boundary where a place has characteristics of more than one identity.

Bedfordshire has a touch of that, I was only around 30 miles of Milton Keynes, and the narrow roads suggested the Home Counties, but the flattening of the topography suggests the canals and reclaimed land of East Anglia. I’d discovered that the village of Pavenham is rather proud of its aged Yew Tree, believed to have been planted in the year of the Great Plague 1665. So proud in fact that when the road through the village was widened, the tree was moved rather than chopped down. It didn’t take much imagination to picture the dramas that have unfolden under its branches.

The local playing field isn’t far from the tree, and is typical of the genre, a village hall and a set of changing rooms, servicing cricket in the summer and football in the winter. There was a little intringue when a ventured inside, as a group of West Indian ladies were cooking up the food of their homeland. It smelt delicious, built sadly it wasn’t for footballing palates.

The fixture pitted first versus second in the second tier of the league, and it was clear why the respective sides were having a good seasons. Both have strikers in James Owen and Chris Slough who would grace a higher level of football, and both sides knew how to give those players plenty of opportunity. Its not often you see a striker score a hat trick a finish on the losing side. Yet the goal I’ll remember most is the one scored by the man who got a mere one goal; Phil Bright’s rocket shot at the far post was a fine strike.

For Shillington the win represents another step on the road back to the Spartan South Midlands League, but I wouldn’t bet against both sides playing in the top flight of the County League next season as this was a great advert for the game 8 promotions from the Football League.