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Monday 23rd April 2012 ko 6.15pm

Reading League Senior Division

MORTIMER 2 (Chowdhary 5 Davies 60) Chowdhary sent off 25 (2nd booking)

PARK UNITED 2 (Tungy 10p Bickerton 32)

Att 37 (h/c)

Entry FREE

No Programme (old copy FREE)

Tea-in-a-mug 50p

I occasionally get asked what the aim of this blog is. For a time I’d say that there wasn’t one, but now I suppose its to answer the question, “Why would I want to visit there?” With what I saw tonight, you may find answering that question difficult.

Mortimer, just south of Reading is in fact Mortimer Common. You are very much in commuter belt, and expensive commuter belt at that. The village is named after the family of the same name, the most famous of whom, Roger de Mortimer, 1st Earl of March was for three years de facto ruler of England after leading a successful rebellion against Edward II, before being overthrown and executed in 1330 by Edward III, with his lands (including Mortimer) seized by the crown.

The Alfred Palmer Memorial Playing Field is to be found on the outskirts, and for its level, Step 7, is reasonable well-appointed. There’s a small clubhouse and bar, and the pitch is enclosed on three sites with what appears to be schoolyard metal fencing. The administration staff were notably friendly.

On the pitch, with Mortimer third and with a shout of the championship against Park United struggling, second from bottom, it looked like a home banker. Add to that that despite being from the next village along Burghfield Common, Park struggled to get 11 players there for kick-off. It was therefore no great surprise when Mortimer took the lead, Kaser Chowdhary finishing well from the left side of the 6 yard box.

It was in the 10th minute when the whole complexion of the game, and the 4 neutrals there’s evening changed. A Park forward was clean through and was taken out by goalkeeper Stuart Gosby. For me it was out of the box but a penalty was awarded by referee David Jewell , but Gosby was extremely fortunate to stay on the pitch as it looked to be a clear goalscoring opportunity. Whatever the facts of the matter, Chowhary was booked for dissent, before Ahmet Tungy tucked away the penalty.

What followed was utterly unacceptable. A diatribe of the ugliest possible language from the home bench resulted in the dismissal of Mortimer assistant manager Dave Hobbs. That seemed to involve him standing about a foot further back, and he and his colleagues continuing to hurl foul mouthed abuse at the officials. I’m certainly not prudish when it comes to swearing, but this was far beyond what an official should have to put up with.

It got worse on 25 minutes when Chowdhary went down rather easily in the box, and collected his second booking for diving. The bench went mad, and the term “Cheat,” was being hurled about freely. I can live with swearing but the club officials calling referees cheats is completely unacceptable. If I’d have been in charge, I’d have been tempted to have abandoned the game there and then.

As it was, the game took on a whole new slant when Ed Bickerton rifled home to give the visitors and unlikely lead. They held on quite comfortably until half time when we were treated to the Mortimer manager John Davies marching on to the pitch to confront the officials. As they home players trooped off one was heard to comment ” For f***s sake lads play the opposition, not the ref,” If only the management had taken heed.

It was a similar story in the second half, with the abuse eminating from the home dugout, and Mortimer having the lions share of possession but only managing an equaliser for all their superiority, Mike Davies firing home from 5 yards out. Manager Davies was soon dismissed for calling long-suffering Jewell a, “F*cking cheat,” again and gave an interesting insight on his priorities when a player complained about the latest dismissal. “Don’t f*cking shout at him, that’s my job,” before trudging away.

The fact that it finished 2-2 seemed utterly irrelevant at the final whistle. So lets revisit my earlier question, “Why would you want to visit Mortimer?” The answer sadly, is do so, but only when there’s a change of football management. I would refer those two to the poster I saw in the clubhouse at half time.