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Monday 14th November 2011 ko 7.45pm

Isthmian League Alan Boon Cup 3rd Round


AFC SUDBURY 2 (Docker 19 Dare 73)

Att 152

Entry £8

Programme £1

Pint of Coffee £1

This new ground is in fact an old ground! Its fame until now is that it’s the athletics stadium where Sebastian Coe trained en route to Olympic gold. And yes, folks I’m well aware that athletics and football are uneasy bedfellows!

The short history of Enfield Town is a troubled one. Born as a fans’ breakaway following the old Enfield FC’s eviction from their home at Southbury Road, now a supermarket half a mile from the QE Stadium, they put down roots at Brimsdown Rovers, while Enfield slowly died in exile at Borehamwood. Ironically the reformed Enfield FC now styled Enfield 1893 moved to Brimsdown too, and for a short time the two clubs shared Goldsdown Road. When the opportunity came for Enfield Town to move into the QE Stadium they grasped the chance.

It’s clear that a lot of work has gone into the return home. The club’s website has photos of how the stadium looked before the refit, for me functionally derelict. The talking point of the ground is the grade 2 listed Art Deco cafe and stand, now refurbished and in the case of part of the tubular stairwell, completely rebuilt. I heard a few hoppers’ grumbles about lack of food (only a burger van in evidence), but if they’d bothered to read the website the club is still fitting the cafe out, when that’s completed it’ll be a fantastic place for a bite to eat. And yes, if you don’t like prefabricated stands, most of the rest you’ll hate, as the Arena stands have travelled with the club from Brimsdown. That said, the club has put in matchday walkways across the running track,if you stand behind either goal, you’re as close as possible to the action as is possible. The fence-cum-gate idea is quite clever!

So yes, the stadium does have issues, but the club have made use of what they got rather intelligently, and a friendly bunch they are too, it was dead easy to get the information I was looking for to keep you lot entertained! Sadly the game didn’t live up to the club’s efforts. Perhaps Town were looking forward to Wednesday’s friendly against Tottenham, but Sudbury had to do far too little to win this game. A goal is each half was more than enough to win an encounter where Town seemed lacking in any goal threat whatsoever. Hopefully this performance is just a blip in the progress of this friendly go-ahead club.