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Wednesday 28th September 2011 ko 7.30pm

Gloucestershire Northern Senior League Reg Davis Cup Final

GALA WILTON 3 (Hoskins 2 Hemming Bolton 27og)

STAR FC 2 (Gluyas 33 Conway 44)

Att 165 (h/c)

Entry & Programme £2 (but see below)

Match played at Glevum Park, Gloucester (Tuffley Rovers FC)

Consider if you will, a League Cup competition so well organised that it’s completed from start to finsh in September. Consider also, that this is a league where the top division sits a full 8 promotions from the football league. For this was one of the best organised cup finals I’ve ever attended, perhaps only surpassed by the Japanese Students Prime Minister’s Cup. The programme was excellent, it was easy to get the line ups and any piece of information was either in the programme or a simple question away. In fact the only thing that a few days after the event that still puzzles me is exactly how much was it to get in?

The front of the programme says £3, I was charged £2, but Lee West behind me was handed his programme and told he owed me a pound! Work that one out!

Glevum Park saw Hellenic Premier action comparatively recently, and it shows. Spick span, albeit with a lack of a bar area, it would quicky fall into the “bog standard step 5” category if isn’t wasn’t for that stand. I’ve never seen on of those before! In fact that only other ground I’ve seen seats like that were at North Leigh and they’ve long since been ripped out. I believe they call that “Progress.”

And what a game it was! After half an hour it looked like it would be a case of how may Gala could get but then the club formerly known as Eagle Star, found their feet. Yes they scored just the two, but hit the crossbar and missed when it looked a good deal easier to score, and don’t be fooled by the lack of goals in the second half either, this was a cracker from start to finish.