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Saturday 24th September 2011 KO 1.30pm

North Berkshire League Division 1

DRAYTON FC 3 (Curran 72 76 82)

HARWELL VILLAGE 1 (Hinchcliffe 90)

Att 168

Entry by programme £3

Tea £1

Cheeseburger £2.50

Cheese & Onion Roll £1

Old team shirt £2

Badge £3

The second game of the hop was a mere mile and a half from the first, at the Recreation Ground, off Lockway.

The previous evening I’d had a bit of a nose round, firstly to see where to put the coach, and to see how they’d cope with a crowd. It looked easy enough to secure, but other than the village hall there didn’t look to be much space.

I needn’t have worried as the club put on a super show, complete with a gazebo borrowed from Tilsley Park, in nearby Abingdon. The place was packed out, and one hopper Martin Heyden from Cheshire even decided to cycle between the first 3 grounds! The locals pocked their noses over their fences and whinged at the number of people present, again there was a roaring trade in badges, and burgers, and I was impressed at how hard the Drayton FC people worked at their 2 hours in the spotlight.

The game was a complete non event for 70 minutes, then portly striker Danny Curran entered the fray. 10 minutes later, and 3 chances, he’d collected the match ball, Drayton the 3 points, and all was left to do was watch Martin climb on his bike just after a goalkeeping howler gave Harwell Village their consolation.

Life was getting better every minute…..