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Cheltenham Association Football League Division Two

NORTHWAY 2 (33 89)


Att 25

Entry FREE

Nothing for Sale

They say that God helps those who help themselves (so why do shoplifters get arrested?) and my blasting through the countryside of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, was rewarded when I arrived 15 minutes late for a 6.00pm kick off when Referee Mike Lytheer arrived late and kick off was delayed until 6.25! Handy, we did get 90 minutes in, but it was mighty dark at the end!

Northway is a village just the other side of the M5 from Tewkesbury, although it looks less a village and more an industrial estate. Nothing too preposessing about the Gould Playing Field either, barely a tree to photograph, the only point of even minimal interest was the BMX equipment nearby.

Still all the ground ticks are the same size, even if the standard was poor and the first half instantly forgetable! In the gloom, Prestbury hit the crossbar, Northway counter-attacked and scored. But that’s something you can see at a far higher level!